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Instructions for Group Administrators


Instructions for Group Administrators                              (PDF file download)

How to manage and put information on school council Group pages (role is assigned and called "Administrator" of the Group)

As a school council chair or assigned administrator for your school council group page you may put information up so all members of your online community can access them. The following provides information how to do this.

Please Contact Us or email with any questions.


STEP A: Create Custom Pages

1. On your school council group page menu bar locate Group Admin Options

2. Click on Group Admin Options

3. Under Content Management select Custom pages

4. Click ‘Add a new Custom Page'

Give your Page a Title: e.g.

o School Council Name Agendas and Minutes 2011-12,

o School Council Name Information from District 2011-12

o School Council Name Information from ASCA 2011-12,

o School Council Name Photos 2011-12,

o School Council Name Bylaws/Operating Guidelines and Policy 2011-12

5. Click ‘Yes' to show in group menu

6. Choose ‘enabled' or disabled' for editing by all or only group admins

7. Choose ‘yes' or ‘no' for bookmark widget

8. Choose whether or not you wish to redirect the group member to a website to access the information (in most cases, school councils will likely not need to redirect to websites for their own materials)

9. Click ‘No' to searchable site wide. This will keep your materials available only to your group members, (clicking yes will make them available to anyone across the province who is signed in to the ASCA site)

10. Click ‘yes' or ‘no' to enable voting – dependent on what you are asking your members to do with the information you are making available to them

11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘submit'

12. Repeat these steps for as many custom pages as you wish to have to a maximum of ten custom pages


STEP B: Adding files to Custom pages

1. Click Group Admin Options

2. Under Content Management select File Library

3. On the File Library Page select ‘add a new collection'

4. Name the collection e.g. September 22, 2011 meeting

5. Choose Enabled or Disabled for collaboration by members

6. Click Submit at end of form

7. Click ‘add a new item' on the next screen (this is the file collection page you just created)

8. Select ‘file' or ‘url' to indicate whether the item is a file or a website location

9. Give your file a name; e.g September 22, 2011 Draft Minutes, September 22, 2011 Agenda, etc.

10. Click browse to search for the link to the file in your computer or through the web

11. Identify the file you want to upload from your computer by highlighting it with your mouse

o Click open on your computer screen (if you are using Microsoft Word)

o The link to the file will appear in the screen space beside ‘Browse'

12. Click ‘yes' to Protected to ensure only the people connected to your school council group page can access the documents

13. Provide a brief description if you wish

14. Click on "Accept the Terms of the Upload Agreement”

15. Click Submit at the bottom of the form

STEP B Additional Information

In order to add files to an existing collection;

1. in the Group Admin options click on ‘file library' under Content Management

2. On the ‘file library' page identify the collection you wish to add to

3. Click the ‘manage files' icon (wrench) next to the collection name

4. Click ‘add a new item' (at top of page)

5. Select file or url

6. Provide a name for your file

7. Indicate whether or not the information is protected

8. Browse to upload the document powerpoint or webpage, etc.

9. Accept the terms of upload agreement

10. Click submit


STEP C: Connecting files to Custom Pages

1. Click Group Home on the grey tool bar at the top of your file library collection page

2. Click Group Pages on the menu bar above Group Admin Options

3. Select your custom page created in step 1

4. Select ‘edit this page' from the far right hand side of the page (Below Resource Manager on Menu bar)

5. Scroll down to File Collections

6. Click on the file collection you just created to associate it with this custom page (note that each file collection you create will appear available for every custom page you create so you can attach a file collection to more than one page if you choose)

7. At the bottom of the page where it says ‘version label' select the dropdown and choose ‘content update' (every time a group administrator adds or deletes or edits a custom page this information is recorded at the bottom of the page as a tracking record)

8. Click submit


STEP D: Group members can access the information you have posted for them by:

1. Click Group Home

2. Click Group Pages

3. Select the page to view/review

4. Select the file you wish to read/review















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