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Students support climate leadership in Alberta schools

June 7, 2016   (1 Comments)
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Six high school students representing 3,000 youth share their ideas for how Alberta schools should support climate leadership shown by the provincial government.

Today, a representative group of student authors presented a white paper to Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips and Education Minister David Eggen. It includes recommendations in four key areas: curriculum, student learning, infrastructure and professional development for teachers.


“It is inspiring to see so many talented young people engaged in finding solutions to the climate-change crisis. It reminds politicians like us that we must all take action to combat climate change to ensure a better future for today’s youth.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks, Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office


“I love learning through experiencing and, because of my experiences, I feel I can contribute meaningfully to climate-change solutions. If more teachers know how to engage students with real-world examples and experiences, I feel this would have very positive consequences for our province.”

Claudia Tai, student, Career Technology Centre, Calgary


“Our schools are on the front lines of action on climate change and our young people know how important this issue is. I am impressed by the passion and hard work shown by these young environmental stewards, both in their schools, and in producing this important document. We look forward to taking their recommendations into account as we move ahead in the development of the future K-to-12 curriculum.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education


“Climate change can be intimidating and overwhelming, but we believe the antidote to despair is ACTION."

Leah Buchanan, student, Queen Elizabeth High School, Edmonton


The document Supporting Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by Students for Alberta’s Educational Leaders is the result of hours of student collaboration and hard work, and calls upon the government and education stakeholders to work together to tackle climate change. The recommendations will be considered as the government looks at ways in which education can best be integrated into Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.


wayne lenhardt says...
Posted August 24, 2016
This "initiative" is evidence of the failure of the education system to successfully implement the "critical thinking" aspect of the 2013 Ministerial Order. "climate change can be intimidating" because it is nonsensical if some analysis is applied. 'emissions" of c02 supposedly "cause" climate change (although we have evidence that climate has "changed" even when there was no industrial society and therefore no "emissions"). This rhetorical shift happened after "Co2 causes global warming" was shown to be a hoax and fraud. (global temps have not moved for 19 years, while"emissions" have increased some 300%; hockey stick graph totally debunked as well) EXACTLY HOW the CO2 "emissions" are supposed to cause "climate change" is a complete mystery. The antidote to the supposed "despair" is putting any action ON HOLD while we do some critical thinking to ensure that we are not all being screwed over by a bunch of charlatans and crooks.

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